Please complete the form below by Friday, April 10th.  (Early registration greatly appreciated.)

Within a couple of days of submitting your form, you will receive a confirmation email which will provide you with payment instructions. Registrations will not be considered final until payment is received.  Once payment is received, final instructions with the exact location will be sent.

The conference fee is $45. This cost includes breakfast and lunch on the day of the conference, and brunch the following day, as well as any other conference-related fees such as cleaning and rentals. Any unused funds, if they exist, will be refunded to attendees at the conference.  If you’re unable to afford the fee but you’d like to join us, please contact Micaela. Some scholarships may be available.

If you haven’t already done so, please join the CWBN // CA Conference Facebook group for up-to-date information and helpful communication between group members.

Please contact Micaela Darr with any registration-related questions.