9 AM

Rosary, breakfast, and introductions

10 AM

Kendra Tierney: Creating Lovely Pinnable Images

Kendra’s blog was recently voted “Best Looking” in the 2015 Sheenazing Awards.  For the first time ever, she’s looking forward to giving away ALL her secrets about design and formatting within posts, and how to use Picmonkey to create great looking memes and pin-worthy images for your blog.

11 AM

Kristin Sanders: Podcasting 101

Podcasting is a growing trend in the online content-creating world. Bloggers, experts, entertainers, celebrities, and entrepreneurs alike seem to be jumping on the podcast bandwagon.

In this training, Kristin, podcaster and blogger, talks about:

  • What is a podcast, and what are the different genres?
  • Why are podcasts so popular for listeners and content-creators?
  • How people listen, and the future of listening
  • What you need to start a podcast, including the range of costs
  • Resources to get started
  • Q&A

12 noon

Lunch and group photo

1 PM

Micaela Darr:  Blogging for the Glory of God instead of Google Analytics

Have you ever hovered over Google Analytics, watching the stats climb?  Or stalked your Facebook page, fervently hoping your posts will get Likes, Comments, and Shares?  Micaela has, even though she’s not proud of it.  What helped her get past her pride and learn to write more freely?  She’ll share her tips, both spiritual and practical, for making yourself a better writer by taking pride out of the equation.

2 PM

Jenna Guizar: Photography/Instagram/Social Media Cohesion

In this session, Jenna will share her thoughts and advice on social media as well as the best apps to utilize for phone photography. She will describe how to be successful on Instagram and using social media to build a cohesive brand.

3 PM

Small group discussions and personalized blog feedback

4 PM

Keynote Speaker: Andrea Boring

Facebook Saved My Soul: Using Social Media to Bring Others Closer to God

After 13 years away from the Church, Andrea’s life was profoundly altered by a single Facebook post.  She returned to the Church immediately and her whole family continues to be blessed by her reversion.  Andrea is now using Facebook and other social media platforms to share her love for God with others.  Her profound story will move you and encourage you in your work as a Catholic blogger.

5 PM

Closing prayer


Dinner at a local restaurant for those who want to continue socializing


9 AM

Mass at the San Fernando Mission (?)

10:30 AM

Brunch (Families welcome)

12 noon

Closing prayer